Friday, June 18, 2010

Vintage Sewing Pattern Re-Release

I just recently found a vintage re issue sewing pattern that retails for $17.00 on ebay for $5.00 total, uncut & unused.  The seller has about 10 available at the moment.

I just received it in the mail, have yet to make any clothes with it. So I hope all is well with the pattern pieces, it all seems to be there. I am making the slacks this week.


aurelia said...

FYI, if you have a Jo-Ann Fabrics or a Hancocks Fabrics nearby patterns regularly go on sale for between .99 (usually McCalls or Butterick)to 3.99 for Vogue. Most pattern sales are 1.99, it is only occasionally that they go down to .99.

I would bet a nickle your e-bay seller got those patterns for 1.99 each.

Forties Fashions said...

Yes, I was wondering how they got their mittens on new patterns so cheap that don't seem to have any flaws in them.

I do have a Jo-Ann's about but I don't go often enough. I will drop by more often now, thanks!

Unknown said...

I have 3688, will you tell us how it goes? I'm dying to break it open but haven't had the time yet, best of luck, love the site!

Forties Fashions said...

Hi Ruby,

I've used the slacks pattern twice. They turned out really comfortable.

Forties Fashions said...

The pattern is wonderful. I have made 6 pairs of slacks total. I modified the pattern for pajama pants. Very comfy. They are my favorite by far.